History of the Ballot Initiative in Mississippi

The original ballot initiative and referendum process in Mississippi was established in 1992. Since that time, 76 Mississippi citizens or organizations have attempted to use this constitutionally guaranteed process to place an initiative on the ballot. 68 of these attempts have failed simply due to not surviving the rigorous nature of the process, and 5 of the attempts that survived were voted against. The only 3 initiatives that have survived the original process and been voted in by Mississippians are Voter ID, Eminent Domain, and Medical Marijuana.

After a lawsuit following the Medical Marijuana vote, the Mississippi Supreme Court ruled that the process must be invalidated due to the language surrounding the congressional districts. The Legislature has attempted to revive the ballot initiative using a statutory process in both 2022 and 2023 sessions but were unable to come to an agreement regarding the nature of signature gathering and the requirement for number of signatures. We applaud the Legislature for their efforts in attempting to address this issue quickly for their constituents; however, the citizens of Mississippi need the opportunity to utilize the initiative and referendum process in order to have their voices heard.

About Us

Next Steps

Our goal as an organization is to grow our network of involved citizens and businesses that care about this important issue. Our organization serves as a collective voice for the people who wish to see their constitutional right restored during the 2024 legislative session. Our group and its members will begin meeting with legislative representatives to discuss the process to help draft a policy for this upcoming session.

Please feel free to contact our organization or its members if you wish to get involved with our campaign.

Who We Are

Board Members

  • Spence Flatgard (Chair)- Partner at Watkins & Eager
  • Bricklee Miller (VC)- Former Board President for Oktibbeha County
  • George Flaggs - Mayor of Vicksburg
  • Shane Aguirre - Mississippi House of Representative from Lee County
  • Renee Lambert - Madison County GOP Chairman
  • Dr. Jim Perkins - Business Owner and Veterinarian in Tishomingo County
  • Billy Mounger - Chief Executive Officer at Tristar Acquisition I Corp.
  • Rebecca Powers - President of Harrison County Board of Supervisors
  • Ellen Jernigan - Member At Large on DeSoto County Republican Executive Committee
  • Jerry Darnell - Former Mississippi House of Representative from DeSoto County
  • Marilyn Tinnin - Founder and publisher of Mississippi Christian Living magazine
  • Otis Anthony- Mississippi House of Representative from Sunflower County
  • Rod Hickman - State Senator from Noxubee County
  • Nick Bain - Attorney, Senior Partner at Bain Bowen, PLLC.